Friends Hall

On any given weekday, you'll find Friends Hall bustling with classes ranging from foreign languages to philosophy.  Computer labs on the main floor of Friends are also busy 24-7, especially during midterms and finals week.

It's rare for a student to graduate from IC without ever having taken a course in Friends Hall. Its four floors of classrooms serve mostly the humanities -- English, philosophy, economics, history, politics, and foreign languages.

You also might find yourself in the computer lab if you need to print a paper at midday (or in the middle of the night -- the lab's open 24 hours during the fall and spring semesters). The main room provides Mac and Windows computers as well as a laptop bar; a side lab, which is occasionally used for special class sessions, contains even more Windows PCs.

If you're having problems with your personal computer, head to the Student Computer Repair Center in Friends 110.