Williams Hall

Williams Hall is the nerve center, so to speak, of our psychology, mathematics, and computer science research on campus. Each of these departments offers an impressive array of laboratories and equipment to support faculty and student research.

Throughout the building, psychology research teams apply their learning and forge new paths in the field. These teams explore human motivation, cognitive development, the psychology of humor, and many other topics.

Our psychology labs are equipped for research in various fields, including infant perception and cognition and behavioral neuroscience. In the Center for Research on the Effects of Television, students assess television advertising and how it relates to social cognition.

For many math students, the highlight of their undergraduate experience is the opportunity to conduct their own research. We provide students many opportunities to engage in mathematical research, starting in our “Mathematical Experimentation” course, continuing in junior-year research courses, and culminating in senior research projects. Each year, a number of our students present their work at the College’s annual academic symposium and at the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. A few also present at national meetings, and some publish their results.

Computer science and emerging media majors are encouraged to work with computer science faculty and on interdisciplinary research teams. Students use state-of-the-art equipment to address significant issues involving virtual reality, robotics, mobile apps, and music recommendation systems, among other topics.