Textor Hall

"Disc," otherwise known as the Textor Ball, adorns the roof of this building that's also famous for its stellar view of Cayuga Lake. Enhanced classrooms can be found below, along with lecture halls featuring high-tech multimedia for learning by day and entertainment by night.

If you're planning on taking Fundamentals of Biology or U.S. History or other popular introductory courses, there's a good chance you'll find yourself in Textor 101, 102, or 103, some of the largest lecture halls on campus.

After class you might find yourself hanging out here for student club meetings, study-abroad info sessions, or lectures by well-known visitors to campus (like New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof). On the weekends Textor is a popular place to watch documentaries and independent films hosted by various student organizations, as well as recent Hollywood releases screened by the Student Activities Board.