Park Hall

Future filmmakers, journalists, and photographers spend most of their time at the Roy H. Park School of Communications housed in Park Hall. This high-tech facility supports television and radio broadcasting as well as photography, presentation, cinema, film, and multimedia development.

Park Hall is where most classes are held and it also provides the facilities for our award-winning student media operations:  ICTV, WICB-FM and VIC radio, our print and online newspaper the Ithacan, and our professional media production unit, Park Productions.

Park Hall buzzes with activity as students work in two TV studios, radio and audio recording suites, a multi-platform newsroom, digital photography and animation work areas, film and video editing rooms, and a creative lab for advertising and digital media.  The auditorium and collaboration room offer spaces for large lectures and guest presentations as well as personal interaction among students and with guests. A remote production truck with high-definition video gear allows us to produce sports and live events across campus.