Terrace Dining Hall

Terrace Dining Hall offers many dining options including the Kosher Kitchen, Simple Servings, Grab & Go, and Food Lab. For hearty, hot home-style meals, try the Charleston Market.

The Kosher Kitchen serves lunch and dinner throughout the week under careful rabbinical supervision.

For healthy or food allergy conscious meals, Simple Servings is the safe and appetizing choice, ready to go. No food is offered that is made with or contains: peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, soy, milk products, shellfish and eggs. All items are made with gluten-free ingredients, with a strong and careful effort toward eliminating cross-contamination.

If you are in a rush try the Grab & Go option. Featuring packed lunches ready to eat, including sandwiches, salads, chips, fresh fruit, cookies and beverages.

The Food Lab serves fresh creations with culinary flare while also teaching guests about the stories behind their food. Current sessions focus on nutrition, health, and wellness.

When the other dining halls are closed Monday through Thursday, Late Night at Terrace will provide select entree items: pizza, salad bar and fresh fruit, cereal and dessert items are always available.